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No wonder.

19th September 2013

I was in the post office recently and there was a queue. The central post office had moved not long since, so I don’t know if the backlog of custom was to do with that, but it was probably pretty typical for the time of day. There was a man who didn’t speak much English whom the bloke on the counter was trying to direct to a Council office in…

An Ouroboros of a blog.

14th July 2013

I read an article on the Guardian website some time ago. It was published in April but I probably didn’t read it until a month or so after. I don’t read most articles I’d like to read until quite some time after they’re published; I bookmark them online with instapaper and send them to my e-reader to read when I have the time, energy and inclination. This particular article was…

Morally repugnant hilarity.

26th June 2012

Last week the British Slime Minister was asked about the tax affairs of comedian Jimmy Carr, who The Times had revealed was participating in a tax avoidance scheme which allowed him to pay approximately 1% tax on his earnings which, given his considerable success, amount to millions. Cameron said doing so was “morally wrong” and Treasury Minister David Gauke has been repeatedly quoted in the press as saying Carr was…

Annual comeback post.

24th January 2012

You would think, having not written anything on this for many months, and it appearing as if it has become an annually updated blog, like the minutes of the AGM of everything I’ve not been doing, that I would have loads to say. People say that don’t they? When they bump into an old friend and they say ‘OH MY GOD I’VE GOT SO MUCH TO TELL YOU WHERE DO…

A stink worse than shit.

18th July 2011

I was unemployed for a quite a while. I could provide the backstory to all that, but it would be a several thousand word tangent on top of the several hundred word tangent that is to follow. Upon eventually getting a low paid but quite rewarding job, doing the training I needed to before I could start, and waiting a couple of months for my first pay day, I treated…

Strangers talking crap.

15th November 2010

I’m pretty dull, as far as one might commonly measure such a thing. I spent most of my early to mid 20s getting pissed with variously abominable consequences. I dread to think what I’d have been like if I’d done drugs. Now my hangovers come with a cold and generally leave me unfit to do anything apart from watch TV and eat for a period of 24 hours. It’s lucky…


I was reading Amiri Baraka’s poems when he died. I’m reading One Hundred Years of Solitude and Gabriel García Márquez has died. Perhaps for the hat-trick I should read Tony Benn’s diaries and see if it has the reverse effect on the deceased. It is Easter after all. But I’ll probably just blow it on Tony Blair.