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18th October 2013

When I wake up in a morning, early for work, my facial expression is like that of a WW1 soldier with shell shock. That’s my natural resting expression; a muddled, exhausted sort of horror at waking life. Then I drink coffee and compose myself. But when I’m at my most relaxed, it’s a combination of scenes from Munch, Botticelli and In The Night Garden.

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I was reading Amiri Baraka’s poems when he died. I’m reading One Hundred Years of Solitude and Gabriel García Márquez has died. Perhaps for the hat-trick I should read Tony Benn’s diaries and see if it has the reverse effect on the deceased. It is Easter after all. But I’ll probably just blow it on Tony Blair.


  • SYPCC turnout minus spoilt ballots was about 14.7%. Our PCC on £85k has a mandate from 7.5% of the electorate. Well worth the £1.66m cost.
  • I commend the BBC on their wise decision to give the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge's unborn child a platform in their general election debate.
  • "Rapper Pitbull developing reality TV series with Michelle Obama and Paul McCartney" is my router-unplugging headline of the week.
  • "Sorry mate, I really have found more meaning in human resources training" - Lembit Opik every night on the phone to a desperate Nick Clegg.
  • Perhaps the BBC's exclusion of the Greens from political debate is to counterbalance their inclusion of the royal family in news coverage.