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Strangers talking crap.

15th November 2010

I’m pretty dull, as far as one might commonly measure such a thing. I spent most of my early to mid 20s getting pissed with variously abominable consequences. I dread to think what I’d have been like if I’d done drugs. Now my hangovers come with a cold and generally leave me unfit to do anything apart from watch TV and eat for a period of 24 hours. It’s lucky…

Strangers talking back.

11th August 2010

I know, right? You didn’t have to wait six weeks for this one. What the flip? Well, if I don’t catch up a bit quicker then I’m going to leave myself with a backlog of pointless writing so overwhelming that I’ll be utterly disinclined to embark on any of it whatsoever. In this entry I’ll be discussing a gig I did as well as a gig that I caught the…

Miles of mediocrity.

29th July 2010

Perhaps it’s because the next three gigs were pretty mediocre affairs (in terms of my performance) that I’ve put off writing this one for a while. Not that frequency is something I can otherwise make a claim to, but even so. I had three gigs on consecutive nights, travelling over 300 miles in 56 hours to not make people laugh very successfully. Awesome. At this point I had done ten…

Filthy bits and philanthropists.

19th June 2010

It’s nice to have a few lovely gigs in a row, and this is what this blog post will be about. The following post will be about a few mediocre gigs in a row, thereby maintaining a tidy balance reflective of the ups and downs of gigging. I’m like the Cylons, I have a plan. Hopefully it won’t make fuck all sense and culminate in a woefully disappointing conclusion. After…

Realities and anomalies.

4th June 2010

There’s not much point apologising or accounting for six weeks of dormancy. It’s a blog, no one cares. I’d done four gong shows where I left off, and had yet to do my first actual open spot, which turned out to be a bit impromptu. At the Manchester Frog and Bucket I’d met another Sheffield act who’d dropped in to watch. She gave me a lift home, which was a…

Wait, wait. False start. NOW I’ll begin.

13th April 2010

So far in my first two blog posts I’ve covered my first two gigs. I’m probably going to speed it up a little and over time I hope the stuff I write here to be a bit more flexible, rather than exclusively being a chronological record of my gigs. Most other stand-up acts would probably find this tedious and self-indulgent. Which is why I’m not going to be telling most…

I was reading Amiri Baraka’s poems when he died. I’m reading One Hundred Years of Solitude and Gabriel García Márquez has died. Perhaps for the hat-trick I should read Tony Benn’s diaries and see if it has the reverse effect on the deceased. It is Easter after all. But I’ll probably just blow it on Tony Blair.